Coin Switch Kuber-download And Earn Free Money.

Hello friends,
Who doesn’t want to make money for free and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin? Everyone is a little hesitant to invest in cryptocurrency because if the price of crypto-currencies goes down in the future, the income may be far but more loss can happen. But friends, today I am going to tell you about an app where you do not have to invest a penny from your own pocket. So the name of the app is Coin Switch Kuber

What is Coin Switch Kuber?

Coin switch is a cryptocurrency investment app. It is an Indian app and this app is 101% reliable.
This app allows you to invest in around 100+ crypto-currencies which the user can withdraw at any time through any Indian bank. Coin Switch Kuber gives the best price of all.

The main goal of this app is to make Indian users buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Indian money. You can now download Coinswitch from the Google Play Store.

How to Get 50 Rupees Bitcoin From Coin Switch Kuber-

This app is giving everyone 50 rupees bitcoin for free, to successfully register in this app, and to refer this app to friends. You both will get 50 rupees free bitcoin in this Coin Switch Kuber app only if you use a referral link, otherwise, you will not get any free bitcoin. You can completely withdraw the bitcoin that you will receive.

The details about Coin Switch Kuber-

1) First click on the link below which will take you directly to the play store. Download the app from the play store.

2) Open the app and enter the mobile number.

coin switch
coin switch registration

3) Verify with OTP.

coin switch otp verify
coin switch OTP verification

4) After verifying with OTP you set a 4 digit PIN. Which will be useful when withdrawing your money and will take you to open this app.

 pin setting
coin switch pin setting

5) You will go to the Dashboard, and immediately 50 rupees bitcoin will add to you Coin Switch Kuber wallet.

coin switch dashboard

6) Then you complete your KYC from your profile, otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw this bitcoin. Pan Card, Aadhar Card is needed to complete KYC.

coin switch profile

Is it safe to submit Pan and Aadhar to complete KYC?

Yes, in the Coin Switch Kuber app you can submit Pan card, Adhar Card to complete KYC. It is an Indian app and according to the rules of the bank, Pan Card is required to deposit or withdraw more than Rs 50,000.

Since this app has the facility to transact more than Rs 50,000, and it is a crypto-exchange platform, so here Pan Card, Adhar Card is required which is 100% secure.

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How to withdraw money-

withdraw proof
coin switch withdraw proof
  • After completing KYC, go to your profile and add any bank.
  • Go to the Portfolio option and you will see your Total INR balance.
  • Click on Total INR balance.
  • Click on the Withdraw option, and withdraw by checking the bank details.

So, friends, I hope no one misses the opportunity to get such free bitcoin worth 50 rupees from Coin Switch Kuber. Through this post, I have been able to give you all the information you need to earn free bitcoin and share the post with your friends.

If you have any questions about this you can let me know in the comment box without any hesitation, or you can also let me know on our contact us page. Thank you.

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