CoinDCX Go- get free cryptocurrency | Free Bitcoin worth ₹100

Hello friends,
The value of cryptocurrency is increasing day by day so much that it may give us a better return on our investment later. The CoinDCX Go app is offering free crypto like Bitcoin for free without investing in cryptocurrency. Today, with the help of this post, you can easily find out and earn 100 worth of bitcoin for free.

What is CoinDCX Go app?

CoinDCX Go is an ISO-certified company. CoinDCX Go app is a user-friendly online crypto trading platform. This app allows crypto buyers to buy crypto very quickly and smoothly. There is no charge for crypto trading in this app. It provides service at 0% fees.

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How to download CoinDCX Go and get Cryptocurrency for free

1) You can download the app from Playstore by searching by typing CoinDCX Go or you can download it from the link given below.

Home page

2) After downloading the app, register with your mobile number and email.

CoinDCX Go register

3) An OTP will come in mobile and email. Verify by email and mobile OTP.

OTP verification

4) After verification, a redeem box will appear in home interface. Use the redeem code which is given below.

Redeem Box
Redeem Code : COINDCXGO

5) With redeem, you will have ₹100 bitcoin added to your wallet instantly. Which you can check from your portfolio.

CoinDCX Go Cryptocurrency reward

6) The value of your received bitcoin will show as a locked balance. Which will be successfully unlocked within the next month.

CoinDCX Go Cryptocurrency wallet check

7) To unlock the locked balance, you need to buy crypto for a minimum of ₹100 rupees. Which you can buy as well as sell.

How to add a bank

  • Click on the three lines below the app to add a bank.
  • Enter your bank details by clicking on the Add Bank option.
  • Your input bank account will be automatically verified and ₹1 will be credited to confirm the verification.

How to unlock locked balance in CoinDCX Go ?

To unlock your locked balance which you have to get by redeeming the promo code you have to invest a minimum of 100 rupees. Add 100 rupees to your CoinDCX wallet and buy Bitcoin of it. You can easily sell your bitcoin at any time. After that, your redeemed locked balance will unlock successfully exactly after one month.

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Final word And Conclusion

With the CoinDCX Go app, you can easily earn 100 bitcoin for free without doing anything. You do not need to make any referrals for this. Another good aspect of this app is that there is no need to do KYC in this app (if you want to do a transaction of more than Rs 10,000 then KYC is required).

So, friends, I hope I have been able to give all the information through this post and you will definitely earn 100 bitcoin for free. If you like the post, don’t forget to share. And if you have any questions, please let us know in the comment box or you can use our contact us page.

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