Cred New Recharge Offer for VI and JIO

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Today in this post I am going to explain about Cred New Recharge Offer for VI and JIO. If you use cred then you will know how much rewards you can earn from Cred. For sending money or paying someone from cred you will get cashback. Like this, there are many more. Cred also provides so many offers for shopping, paying credit card bills, and also many brand sites. Cred has launched a new recharge offer for VI and JIO recharge. If you have Cred then you can use this offer for your next VI and JIO recharge.

Details Cred New Recharge Offer for VI and JIO

In this offer, you can spin twice for activating this offer. Once for the VI offer and another for JIO. For each spin, you can win two types of offers. The first one is ₹25- ₹250 cashback and another one is Flat ₹175 cashback. From my point of view, both are profitable. This cashback is eligible for a recharge of ₹199 or more.

How to Get VI / JIO Recharge Offer

To redeem this recharge offer just follow these simple steps.

1. Open the Cred app. If you don’t have the Cred application on your mobile then you can download or update it from the below link

2. Go to the “777” rewards section.

3. Scroll down and look for “Cred Pay Rewards”.

4. In the “Cred Pay rewards” you will find two offers. One for VI recharge and another one for JIO recharge.

5. Click on “Claim now”. One spin wheel will open.

6. Spin the wheel with 500 cred coins and you will get either ₹25- ₹250 cashback or Flat ₹175 cashback.

7. You can spin for both Vi and JIO recharge.

How to Redeem

To redeem this offer you have to recharge for ₹199 or more. You can use Cred for your next recharge. If you don’t use cred Pay for your recharge then you can use another app also. But for claiming this cashback you must have to use cred UPI for payment. For simple and following terms and conditions follow this method.

1. You will find your recharge voucher in the “Cred Voucher” section.

2. Click on the voucher.

4. Click on Claim your offer.

4. This will redirect you to the My Vi or My Jio app.

5. Recharge for ₹199 or more from My Vi or MY Jio and use cred pay in the Payment method.

6. Pay your recharge amount.

7. You will get cashback in your Cred Pay App for Cred New Recharge Offer for recharging VI or JIO.

Cred New Recharge Offer

How to Redeem Cred Coins

You can redeem your cred coins by claiming any offers, spinning the offer wheel, or participating Cred Quiz. But you cant use Cred Coins directly for payments. To redeem Cred Coins follow these steps-

  1. Open the Cred Rewards section.
  2. In the Cred Rewards section, you will find various types of offers.
  3. Choose any offer and claim that offer with your Cred Coins.

Conclusion of Cred New Recharge Offer for Vi and JIO

If your recharge is going to expire for your JIO or Vi sim you can use this offer for your next recharge. This offer is profitable for both Vi and Jio users. You can say it is one bug because if you spin the wheel you will get either ₹25 – ₹250 cashback or a Flat ₹175 cashback offer. So go fast and claim your rewards. After claiming this offer, It is valid for 7 days post-claiming. For more offers and the latest update, you can join the Telegram channel. Happy Reading, Happy Earning.

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