Google pay gully cricket offer is back | Earn up to ₹500

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Hope everybody is well. And taking advantage of every offer we post. So through this post, I will tell you about the Google Pay Gully Cricket offer. Earlier, this GooglePay gully cricket offer launched just in the IPL season. Again, the IPL started on the 19th of this month and Google Pay has back with a gully cricket offer.

We already know about Google Pay so let’s jump straight to the offer.

What is Google Pay gully Cricket offer?

The Google Pay Cricket offer was last launched just during the IPL. But the offer is a little different than the previous time. And with this, the terms and conditions of the offer have also changed a bit.

To complete the Google Pay Cricket offer, you need to make 6 different transactions and collect one ball for each transaction. Once 6 different balls are collected, you will get cashback from ₹20 to ₹100 and a special scratch card will be unlocked. So that you can get a chance to get a flat ₹400 rupees.

How to complete gully cricket offer

1) Open the Google Pay app on your smartphone or click on the link below to download.

2) After open the app, scroll down and check the offer section.

google pay gully cricket offer
google pay gully cricket offer

3) Follow the chart below to complete the offer.

iPay a FriendSend ₹50 or more to a friend
iiPay a merchant UPI QRPay ₹50 or more any Google Pay merchant
iiiPay a merchant onlinePay ₹50 or more to an online merchant
ivDo a mobile rechargeDo a mobile recharge of ₹50 or more
vPay a billPay a bill of ₹50 or more
viPay to a bank accountPay to any bank account ₹500 or more

4) You will get a ball to complete each transaction given in the chart.

5) If you can successfully collect 6 balls, you will get a scratchcard from which you can get ₹20 to ₹100.

6) If you collect all the balls you will get a special scratch card which you can scratch next Wednesday. And if you are one of the selected 20% then you will get flat ₹400 cashback.


The Google pay gully cricket offer is a little different than before and you will definitely get something like every time. The last day of the offer is the 19th. And you can collect more than one ball per day and transaction.

Hopefully, those who can take advantage of this offer will definitely take advantage of the offer. If you need any help or have any questions, please let us know in the comment box below or you can also contact us on our page.

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