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I hope everyone is well. And for people who love to earn cashback without any hassle, this is the best offer for them. Today we are going to discuss Paytm new add money offer. But this is an account-specific offer. So, before applying for this offer please check your account first. Now let’s know about this offer.

About Paytm New Add Money Offer

This is a new offer from Paytm. Add money three times and get ₹15 rupees for each time of adding money. If you add a minimum of 300 rupees three times you will get flat 1500 cashback points for each of the first two times and 2000 for the third time. 1500 cashback points value is the same as around ₹14 rupees. So, the total value of cashback will be ₹45 rupees.

How to Apply Paytm New Add Money Offer

1) This is an account-specific offer. So first you have to check if this is available for your account or not.

Paytm New Add Money Offer july 2022

2) Just open the Paytm app and go to the cashback and reward section to check whether this Paytm new add money offer is available or not. (If you want to download the Paytm app, click the Download button).

3) Scroll down a little and check for add money offer.

4) If the offer is available for your account, then add a minimum of ₹300 rupees three times.

5) After successfully adding the money your cashback points will be credited after a few minutes or instantly.

How to convert Paytm cashback Points to wallet balance

After applying the Paytm New Add Money Offer you will get a total of 5000 cashback points. And now if you want to convert your cashback points to Paytm wallet cash then follow these simple steps.

At the top of the “cashback and offers” section, you can see your cashback points. click on your cashback points.

Scroll down and find “Convert Points to Paytm Balance”.

Redeem your cashback points.

You can also redeem your cashback points with other vouchers and deals.

Conclusion of Paytm New Add Money Offer

This is one of the best offers coming out from Paytm. check your account now and if this offer is available for your account, and must enjoy it. Just add ₹900 rupees and get flat ₹45 rupees.

I hope everyone will benefit from this offer. If you have any queries then comment below and let us know. 

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