Slice Credit Card Offer- Earn ₹150 for Applying Slice Credit Card

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If you do not have one credit card or you want to push your CIBIL score then this Slice Credit Card Offer can be best for you. I will explain everything about the Slice credit card offer in this post. I personally use Slice credit card and it is one of the best credit cards for those who don’t have any credit card. Also, it helps to build a good CIBIL score.

So, in this post, I am going to tell you everything about the Slices credit card. And how you can earn flat 150 rupees instantly. Also, the full application process. Read the post from start to last and earn 150 just by applying for a Slice credit card.

What is the Slice credit card?

Slice operates as a digital lending platform that partners with multiple NBFCs to provide the Slice Credit Card. This card presents a valuable opportunity to receive rewards of up to 2% cashback on all transactions. It particularly caters to individuals who are in the early stages of building their credit history, thanks to its lenient eligibility criteria. Slice helps to build a good CIBIL and Experian score.

About Slice Credit Card Offer

The offer is simple and easy. Just apply for a Slice Credit Card and get ₹150 rupees flat cashback. Also, get ₹150 flat cashback for each referral. If you are not an existing slice card holder then you can apply for it and get flat 150 cashback. Also, share your unique referral code with your friends and get flat ₹150 rupees cashback. The friends you will refer should have to use the Slice credit card for money borrowing from Slice.

How to Apply

Follow these simple steps to get flat ₹150 rupees flat cashback.

1. First download the Slice App from the below link. this App is also available for IOS devices.

2. Open Slice App and create your account using your email id.

Slice Credit Card Offer account creation

3. Enter your mobile number and verify with OTP.

Slice Credit Card Offer account creation

4. Enter your real first name and last name and click on “Have an invite code”.

Slice Credit Card Offer name input

5. In the invite code enter ” RATAN.M” as the invite code and click on confirm.

Slice refer code: RATAN.M

6. Choose “Slice Borrow” and continue.

Slice Credit Card Borrow

7. Choose Salaried in employment status and fill in your office details.

Slice Employment Status

8. Your account will be created successfully. Now to get signup cashback you should have to borrow some money from Slice. Don’t worry you can pay borrowed money instantly.

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How to Borrow Money From Slice Credit Card

Friends I personally use Slice and it helps me to get money without hassle just for a little interest charge. If your account is successfully got opened you will get a limit of borrowing which you can use for your use. To borrow from Slice follow these simple steps.

1. Go to the “Borrow” section below, and click on Borrow.

2. Put how much you want to borrow. Your borrowing must be less of your Purchase power(limit ). The minimum borrowing is ₹500 rupees.

Slice Credit Card Offer borrowing

3. Provide your bank account number or UPI id and click on “Continue”.

4. Next page you can see the interest and installment details. If you return back before the installment date then you will save interest.

Slice Credit Card Offer borrowing

5. Click on confirm and your money will be credited to your given Bank account or UPI id.

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Tips to Get Slice Credit Card

Friends if your application got rejected then Slice will block your eligibility for applying Slice Credit card for the next 3 months. So try to get a Slice credit card on the first attempt. It does not require any CIBIL score. If you follow my tips then I can guarantee your credit card getting chances will be increased more. For this advantage, you can apply for Slice Credit Card Offer.

When the application form asks for your “Employment status” choose Salaried. And provide any name in the company name field. No matter which company name you are choosing but choosing a good company name can increase your eligibility criteria. Use these tips and apply for Slice Credit Card Offer.

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So friends In conclusion I just want to say if you are thinking to apply for a credit card then you can definitely choose the Slice Credit card as your first credit card. Also, Slice provides many offers which will be helpful for you. You can borrow money if you need a little interest. It helps to increase your CIBIL score. If you are a student then this is the best card for you. You will get some time to return back borrowed money. Every 5th date of the month you should pay installments to maintain a good CIBIL if you borrow money from Slice. Apply for Slice Credit Card Offer now.

Open your account and get flat ₹150 cashback in this SLice Credit Card Offer. Share your referral; code with your friends and get ₹150 rupees cashback for each referral. Thank you and Happy Reading, Happy Earning.

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